How open my Hotmail account?

How to sign-in to Hotmail?

The following is the simple sign-in process that you need to follow to access your Hotmail email account without any hassles.

  • Open your favorite web browser and visit the web page.
  • You will automatically be directed by Microsoft to the sign-in page.
  • This is where you will now use your Hotmail sign-in credentials to access your Hotmail inbox.


  • In the type box where you find the option username written, you need to enter your Hotmail username. As you want to get access to Hotmail, you will need to enter your username followed by the option so that you are directed to the Hotmail inbox.
  • After entering the username, move the mouse pointer to the password type box. This is where you need to enter your Hotmail password.
  • After you have keyed in both the details correctly, just click on the sign-in option below the type boxes and you will be taken to your Hotmail inbox through
  • Now, you can send or check out the new emails you have received.

Recovering Hotmail account without having recovery phone or email address

There are times when you would have no recovery phone or even an alternate email address to provide to Hotmail in order to recover your lost password or Microsoft account. If you have not kept your account recovery information while signing up, then recovery could be a long process. But, you can retrieve your Hotmail account, even without the alternate email address and phone number. The process is as follows:

  • Type in the address bar of a new web browser window and click enter.
  • You will be taken to the Hotmail sign in page. Here, look for the ‘can’t access my account’ option just below the sign in option and click on it.
  • The next page you will be taken to be the ‘why are you having trouble signing in?’ Chose the “I know my password, but can’t sign in’ option and then click the next option.
  • Once you check this suggestion, you will be suggested by the page to double check your entry of username and password once more to see if you have not mistyped the characters wrong. All you do is to click on the next option you find at the bottom of the page.
  • The next page kick starts the process of account recovery. You will find a type box on this page where you need to fill in the email address of the account you would like to recover.
  • After this, you will see certain characters on the screen. Enter these characters correctly in the type field for it at the bottom of the page above the next option and then click the next button.
  • The next page is a problematic one as Microsoft will ask you a verification of your identity and ask you how you would like to receive the recovery code.
  • As you do not have any recovery code to give, just choose the option ‘I don’t use these anymore’ at the bottom of the page.
  • The next page will be ‘do you have an account recovery code?’ page. Here, you should choose the option No at the bottom of the page as you do not have a recovery code set.
  • The account recovery process will now move on to the offline mode and you will now have to carry out a manual verification process to recover your Hotmail account.7
  • In the ‘recover your Microsoft account’ page, the first type field is for the email account you are looking to recover. Enter it correctly in the box.
  • Under the ‘where should we contact you’ option, you should enter an alternate email address that you currently have. If you do not have one, you should create one and then enter it in the space provided. Finally, click on the next option.
  • You will be taken to the account info page where you need to key in as much information as you can. The details asked for will be your name, birth date, location, a security question answer, the subject lines of any of the emails you sent recently, the name of any folder that you have created in your account, email address of any of your contact and billing information.
  • Microsoft will send you an email to your alternate email address to see if they can recover your email account based on the information you have given.
  • If the information you give is correct, you will surely receive a password reset link.

Are you typing in the address bar of your favorite web browser and find that you are being taken to the Microsoft sign in page? Do you find it difficult to access your Hotmail emails because you are not able to visit the Hotmail sign in page on the web? Well, Microsoft has stopped offering the Hotmail service and has changed it to the new This is done in order to offer a better and user-friendly email service for its clients.

Is it possible to access Hotmail?

If you are having a Microsoft Hotmail account and would like to continue using the same, then there are no issues that you would face even after the Hotmail email service has been revamped to the new email client. Microsoft has made a very calculative change and allowed all previous users of Hotmail or MSN or Windows Live to continue with their existing accounts by entering the respective login credentials with the correct email address and password in the sign-in page to access their respective mailboxes.

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