How have the Hotmail app on your smartphone?

Hotmail is one of the free mobile based app that you can easily download on your Smartphones to enjoy free emailing service from anywhere and at any place. By downloading the Hotmail app on your Smartphone, you can easily check your mails and also send important mails while you are on the move. You  do not need to be in front of your computer or laptop to check out your new emails. Just pick up your phone, open the Hotmail app and get instant access to new emails. So, even if you have an important message to mail your clients and are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, you can easily send your mail if you have the Hotmail app downloaded on your Smartphone.

Download Hotmail App for Android Smartphones

If you are using any of the Smartphones that work on an Android platform, then you have the option of hotmail appdownloading the Hotmail app for free on your Smartphone easily and quickly.

  • Go to the Apple PlayStore page from your Smartphone and type Microsoft Outlook app or Outlook in the search box and tap enter or continue.
  • The Outlook app option will show up on your mobile screen.
  • Tap on this app and you will be taken to the Hotmail app page. Tap on the Install option and the free Hotmail app will get installed on your Smartphone.
  • Tap on the download icon, follow the instructions to download the App on your phone and to use it.

Download Hotmail App for Windows Phone

It is very easy to download Hotmail app on Windows Phone. When you enter the apps page on the phone, tap on Settings and then locate ‘Email & Accounts option’ and tap on it. Now, look for ‘add an account’ and tap on it. Click on Outlook or Windows Live option that shows up on screen and enter your Hotmail address and password to sign in hotmail your emails on your Windows Phone.

Downloading Hotmail App on iPhone

If you have an Apple iPhone, then you need to visit the Apple Store to download the Hotmail app on your iPhone for free. Search for “Microsoft Outlook app” or “Outlook” in the app store on your iPhone. Locate it and tap on the Install option to get the app installed on your phone. Download the app, following the instructions that come on the screen and then tap on the Hotmail icon to start using the Hotmail email app on your iPhone.

hotmail iphone app

If by any chance you are not able to access Hotmail app on iPhone, then tap on Settings option and then tap on Mail, followed by Contacts and then Calendar. Locate he accounts page and tap on Add Account option in the Accounts page. Now, tap on Hotmail option and then enter your Hotmail email address and password and just choose the fields that you would like to sync and tap on ‘Save’ option. You will now be able to access the Hotmail on any kind of Smartphone without any hassles.

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