How create a new Hotmail account?

Step by step guide to create Hotmail account

  • Open your favorite browser, say Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc., and then visit the home page of Hotmail. You can click on this link to visit the Hotmail sign in page.
  • Once you have landed on the sign in page of Hotmail, you will find a sign up option on the screen. Click on this option to land on the Microsoft account creation page.
  • If you already have a username and password for Hotmail, then you just need to key these details in the respective boxes to gain access to your Hotmail inbox through Outlook. If not, you can create a new account. The following is the procedure to open a new Hotmail account.


  • You will find a lot of fields on the account creation page. It is a very simple and easy account creation form. All that is needed from you is to key in all details correctly in order to quickly open up a new Hotmail account.
  • You will find that the account creation form asks you about your personal details, email address and phone number as well as certain security info.

  • The first field you need to fill is your first and last name. You will have to enter the names in the respective type boxes and then move on to the next field.
  • The next field you need to enter is your Hotmail username. You are provided with the option to choose and key in any username that you like to use and be remembered by. If at all the username that you have chosen is already an existing one, Hotmail will ask you to key in another user name. This process will continue till you key in a username that is not an existing one.
  • You will find another type box next to the username box. From the drop down menu, choose option as you are looking to create a new Hotmail email address.
  • After keying the username, you will move on to the next field that is the password section. A strong password is always entertained and it should be having at least 8 characters. The password can be a mix of numbers, special characters and small and capital alphabets. Even though you are using a mixture of characters, make sure you create a password that is difficult for you to remember, but one that cannot be hacked easily.


  • The next field is for security purposes. Here, you will be asked to key in your alternate email address and your mobile phone number. Through this, Microsoft will be able to send new password or provide you the link to reset your password, if you miss your password or feel that it is compromised.
  • The next fields will ask a few personal questions like your country, region, gender, birth date and the zip code. Make sure that you enter the details in all these fields correctly.
  • The final thing you need to do during the Hotmail account creation process is to correctly enter the CAPTCHA code that you see on the screen. This entry is done to confirm that you are a human being and not a computer or a robot looking to create a Hotmail account. The code has to be entered correctly. If at all, you are not able to understand the code, you have the option to listen to its audio or even reset it to get another code.
  • Hotmail will immediately intimate you if you have entered the code wrongly and will not allow you to proceed further until you enter the correct CAPTCHA code.
  • After all fields are entered correctly, just click on the ‘Create Account’ option at the bottom of the page to complete the Hotmail account creation process.

Now, you can use the new username and the password that you have used to create a Hotmail account in the sign in box to start accessing your Hotmail inbox.

6Single code login option

If you find it a difficult task to sign in to Hotmail with your username and password, then you can opt for a single code sign in option. This is recommended for use only if you are using a private computer or phone to access Hotmail emails. All you got to do is to enter your username and password and also choose a single code option and log in to your account. You will be sent a verification code to your email address or mobile phone. Enter the code in the space provide to start accessing the emails. This way the Hotmail account becomes more secure.

The first thing you should know before you attempt to create a new Hotmail account is that Hotmail has been changed to Hotmail is the oldest web based email service provider that started its operations in 1994. It as later acquired by software giant Microsoft and since then the email service has gone through a whirlwind of changes. The latest is that Hotmail is no more and it has been changed to Outlook. But, if you still like to create and use Hotmail account, then Microsoft provides you with this option through Outlook. Also, with a single Hotmail or outlook or MSN account, you get to access all the web based services offered by Microsoft like OneDrive, Bing, XboxLive, instant messaging, Skype, etc. You do not have to create and remember different usernames and passwords for every single application.

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