Hotmail Sign in

Signing in to Hotmail

You need to open your favorite web browser and type in the address bar. You will be directed to the and the Microsoft sign on page. There is no need to worry or get confused. If you do not know the web address to login to Hotmail, all you have to do is to open the search engine like Google or Bing and type Hotmail sign-in in the search box. You will instantly find the sign in link to or homepage. Click on this to open the Hotmail sign in page.



  • Once you reach the Microsoft Outlook sign in page, you will find two input boxes show up on the screen.
  • Enter your Hotmail email address in the first type box and it should be
  • If you have registered your mobile phone number, then you can even type in your phone number in place of the Hotmail email id to sign in to Hotmail inbox.
  • The next input box is for the password. This is where you should enter the password that you use to sign in to Hotmail inbox. You should enter the correct password without any mistakes to access your inbox. Please check if the ‘Caps Lock’ is not in ‘ON’ position as password is case sensitive.
  • After the email address and the password column are entered correctly, you need to just click on the sign in option printed on the blue strip to enter your Hotmail account.

Keep me signed in option

When you sign-in to access your Hotmail account, you would have come across the term ‘keep me signed in’ just below the password input box. This is a very useful option to activate if you are the only person using your computer to access the Hotmail inbox. Just tick the check box with the ‘keep me signed in’ label.

By doing so, you  will not be asked for your email login details like username and password every time you want to access your Hotmail inbox. This option will be active until you do not log out of the Hotmail inbox after using it. If you close the Hotmail inbox window without logging out, then the next time you visit  on your personal computer, you will instantly be directed to Hotmail inbox without being asked your username and password. If you are using a public computer or a shared computer, it is recommended that you do not tick the ‘keep me signed in’ option when signing into your Hotmail email account. It can allow the other person using the computer to access your emails if you forget to log out of the inbox.

Troubleshooting Hotmail login problems

To find out the issues that you might be facing when you are logging in to your Hotmail inbox, you have to see carefully. Some of the most common issues that you face when you sign in to your Hotmail account and its solutions are discussed below.

Incorrect entry of password

It is very important that you enter the password correctly in order to gain access to your Hotmail account. If the username and the password that you enter do not match with what you used when signing up for your Hotmail account, then you will find an error message in red color “That password is incorrect. Be sure you’re using the password for your Microsoft account.” If you get this message, then check your password and reenter the correct password once again.

Incomplete email ID


If you are typing in an incomplete email id or a wrong id or phone number that is different from what you used to sign up for a Hotmail account,  then you  will be denied access to your Hotmail inbox. It is important that you check if the CAPS LOCK is not turned ‘ON’ as even if you enter the correct email adders with caps on, you will be denied entry. Ensure that the format given in the input box like is maintained. Even if you enter the username correctly and type instead of, then you will not be able to get access to the inbox of Hotmail.

Know some of the other common mistakes that people make when signing in.

Resetting your password

If you forget your password, then you should click on the ‘forgot my password’ on the sign in page. There will be three options that would be seen on the landing page like ‘I forgot my password’, ‘I know the password, but can’t sign in’ and ‘I think someone else is using my Microsoft account’.   

  • Ticking the small circle next to ‘I forgot my password’ will take you to recover your account option. Here, you will be getting help to reset your password and security info.
  • Enter your phone number or alternate email address that you have given when you signed up for in the respective box.
  • This will be followed by a CAPTCHA code that you need to enter correctly in the box provided for the same.
  • Once done, click on Next option. Follow the instructions that show up to reset your password.
  • If you have added security info in your account when signing up, then Microsoft will be sending a one-time code to your mobile phone or alternate email address.
  • You will have to enter this code in the space provided on the next screen and after this you will get permission to create a new password.

Someone is accessing your account

  • Visit the sign in page and there click on forgot my password option.
  • If you think that someone else is using your account, then you will have to click on that particular option in the password reset page.
  • You will then be asked to choose a reason from the drop down menu as to why you think that someone has got access to your Hotmail account.
  • After choosing the reason, click on Next option and then you need to enter your phone number or an alternate email address and the CAPTCHA code in the respective type boxes to get access to resetting your password.

Two-step verification

Setting up two-step verification for your Hotmail account will make the account more secure and it would make it very difficult for anyone to access your account that easily.

Set up process11

  • Visit the sign in page and enter your email address and password in the space provided.
  • Click on the sign in option to access your Hotmail inbox page.
  • Locate security and privacy on the page and click on it.
  • On the next page, you need to look for more security options, and then scroll down to find two-step verification and turn it on.
  • You will receive a security code in your email or phone through SMS or a phone call. You should note down this security code and enter it in the space provided to activate the two-step verification.

Once you set up the two step verification, then you would need the security code to access your Hotmail inbox.

  • Like usual, you should visit the website and enter your email address and password in the respective input boxes.
  • Then click on sign in option.
  • Since you have activated the two-step verification process, you will now find a box on your screen where you will be asked to enter the authentication code.
  • This code will be sent to your mobile phone or alternate email address the very moment you attempt to sign in to your Hotmail account.
  • Get this code and enter it in the box provided to instantly get access to your Hotmail inbox.

Hotmail is the first free email service to launch on the internet. It came into existence in 1996 and is a very popular email service even today. Microsoft has acquired Hotmail from its creators and has made a lot of changes and added new features to this emailing tool. In fact, Hotmail users will not be able to find the Hotmail website now when they visit the page. They will be directed to or sign in page. This is because Microsoft has upgraded all the Hotmail email accounts, MSN email accounts and Windows Live accounts in Outlook. So, you can now use the sign in page to get access to your Hotmail inbox. You can use your existing email id and password in the updated sign in or log in page and need not create a new one with domain name to access mails.

Anyone trying to access your Hotmail account with your username and password will not be able to go beyond this as they will not be having the verification code to get into the inbox. This is why activating the two-step Hotmail verification code is very important.

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