Hotmail Sign in with 2-steps verification process

With Gmail having started the 2-step verification process, every other email service provider is following suit. It is required however, as the hacking of most email services and social media accounts is on the rise. With personal data and information being stored in email inboxes these days, it is imperative that the security of mail accounts be beefed up. For all such reasons, Microsoft has also beefed up its sign in process for Hotmail and Outlook.

In the two step verification process rolled out by Microsoft, there are two steps followed, one being that you enter your email password and then enter a security code that could be mailed by email or texted to your registered phone number. It is also possible to use an authenticator app on your smartphone for this verification process.

The first step to be done in this instance is to enable the two step verification process when you sign in. This process is being carried out in the different MSN services including Outlook, office and Skydrive. Thus, if you have a Hotmail ID, you will be able to set up the 2-steps verification process for all such services. In order to enable the settings, you need to go to Accounts settings on domain and login into your account. Under the Manage tab you will need to add an alternate email address and a phone number if you have not done so already. The details can be entered under the set up 2-step verification process this link. Once all the details are entered, they can be saved by clicking on Done. When the two step verification process has been activated you will receive an email to your alternate email address confirming the same.

hotmail 2 steps verification

There are authenticator apps available for smartphones which will work locally on your smartphone or tab even if internet connection is not available. To use such an app, you will first have to pair it with your Hotmail account. The authenticator app is available for free on many app marketplaces. Download the app as per the kind of device you own, whether an iOS device or an Android phone or tablet.

You need to go to the account security info page on Microsoft account page. Here you will find the setup link for authenticator app. When you launch the app, the bar code on the screen needs to be scanned. When the security code appears in the app, you need to enter it in the box given and then click on the Pair button given. Once this pairing is done, every time you login Hotmail account, the verification code will be asked from the authenticator app on your phone or tablet. You can also choose to receive the code in another way, by text or at your alternate email address. In such ways, one can comply with the two step verification process of Hotmail by using the app on their phone or tablet.

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