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The new face of Hotmail is Outlook mail. Microsoft has acquired Hotmail, the oldest free web based email service, and has renamed it as Outlook mail. Microsoft has added a lot of new features to make the Outlook web based services more competitive in the email service market. The layout and design of have completely had a makeover and looks stylish and more attractive. It has done this to be competitive with the likes of Gmail and Yahoo mail services. Hotmail, even though it is re-branded as Outlook mail, is still available on the internet and users with the Hotmail email account can still access their account and send and receive emails in their account. The main difference is that the Hotmail account will be the new account.

outlook vs hotmail

The following are the difference that you can point out between vs Outlook email services.

Better User Interface

The Outlook email service comes with a modern type user interface with a blue theme. The layout is very tight and gives importance to email and hence is placed in the front and center. The folders that you use in Hotmail are retained in the account as well. The blue theme makes the account page look pleasing to the eyes and it is also very easy to operate.

Disturbing Email Ads Are Gone

Earlier when you were suing Hotmail email account service, you would come across ads being displayed in your inbox page and you would have to look at these ads. But, Microsoft through its account has done away with these ads display concept and it will not be seen in your mail inbox. You will only be seeing keyword based ads that will appear on the right side of the inbox panel. You will not see any ads coming up for personal mails and they will only show up when if there is an official or business communication email or a newsletter communication.

Integration with Social Media  

One of the most important and striking difference in the feature between Hotmail and Outlook email service is the social media integration. The new Outlook will import all the latest tweets and Facebook updates along with profile facebookpage links so that you can see what is happening on your twitter and Facebook account page while  the Outlook account. This was not possible with Hotmail email service or in other email services. This feature will help you save your valuable time as you will not need to enter your Twitter or Facebook webpage to comment, reply or retweet to twitter tweets and Facebook updates.

More Usability

The Outlook mail service offered by Microsoft gives you more usable and clean features like Skype integration and other social media integration that was not a feature of Hotmail account. You can carry out all your social media activities right from your Outlook account and hence upgrading to an Outlook account will allow you to use all these neat and clean modern day features. To enjoy all these features, you just need to use your old Hotmail account details to sign in to Outlook.

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