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There are many long term uses of Hotmail. This being the first free web based email service that was introduced in the late nineties, it gained a high level of popularity and developed a reputation unlike other email services that followed later. For its status in the web based email world, many opted for a Hotmail account and are still using it. Hotmail has undergone several changes. After it became part of Microsoft, it was part of MSN portal after which Microsoft integrated all its services including Hotmail under a new web based email service called Outlook. All are part of the Live domain of Microsoft and in this article explain the importance about hotmail and other email services.

hotmail mail serviceFor those who are existing users of Hotmail, they have the option to migrate to The existing users of Hotmail need to log into their account through the sign in panel of Outlook. They can opt for an Outlook alias or migrate their Hotmail account to Outlook and take up a new Outlook address. Xbox Live, SkyDrive are all services that can be accessed with the one login ID that Outlook or Hotmail users have.

When it comes to comparing Hotmail with Yahoo, there are certain features that need to be looked into. The free storage feature is same for Hotmail and Yahoo. When it comes to getting an ad free premium mail box, both the services charge the same annual fees of around twenty dollars. In this premium feature one can opt for automatic mail forwarding, email aliases and so forth. Attachment limits are the same as well for both email services. The new Hotmail scores higher with its new inbox interface, reading panels, sweep feature and other brand new additions by the Outlook domain.

When it comes to comparing Hotmail to Gmail, the latter offers several features which Hotmail lacks. Besides offering unlimited free storage and email aliases which Hotmail scores above Gmail, in all other aspects such as attachment limits, email forwarding and others, Hotmail lags behind. It cannot offer the powerful search options that Gmail provides. Automatic user access to YouTube, Google Drive and other services of Google for all Gmail users is another exclusive feature of Gmail. Gmail however, scores low in reducing spam mails in one’s inbox while Hotmail does reduce spam inflow to one’s inbox.

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There are pros and cons of the existing Hotmail email services but it remains unbeatable in the fact that, even after decades of its formation, it is still around and has helped many users save their mails and have a functional inbox for decades. With improvement of features and integration of other Microsoft’s services with Hotmail, the existing users of Hotmail can look forward to better features and innovation that will awe them and help them stay tuned to this service. It is tough to keep a customer base in this competitive world and innovation is the key to keeping customers engaged and giving them something more than they ever thought possible in the web world of communication.

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