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If you are asking how to create an account in Hotmail this is your place.


Create an account in Hotmail is one of the things you have to do at least one time in your life,  because nowadays  you need one for almost all things.
Following this simple steps you will can have your own hotmail account in only few minutes.


Steps to follow for Create an account in Hotmail:


1. The first step is go to the oficial site of Hotmail, checking you are really in it and no in some of the lots of false sites. This is the oficial site of Hotmail.  Once you there, you will find the option of Sign in on your count, or in the case you still dont have a Hotmail account, in the right side of the screen, the option SIGN UP for get one. This is the option we are looking for.

2. After make click in the option SIGN UP, will appear a form with fields to fill. They will ask you for some information like: name, surname, your Windows Live ID (the direction you will create), password, country, region and the ZIP code. Two important points in this step are the password and the alternate email adress.

Way the form for “Create an account in Hotmail” looks:

Create an account in Hotmail

Is important have an alternate email adress (can be other of your accounts or for example the account of a friend) because will be necessary for recuperate your account in case something go wrong with it, or in the case you forget your password. About the password, the most recommended is create one alternating numbers and letters, for it be more safe and not so vulnerable in case of a possible attack.

3 . Finally, after complete all the information, you will be in conditions of start enjoying your new Hotmail account. Signing in (from the same page of the register) you can start adding friends and sending and receiving your emails. You can use msn with this same account too.

Soon we’ll talk with more details about the functions available in hotmail after you create an account in hotmail, that are really lots and very useful ones.

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