Create a new folder in Hotmail

Why create a new folder in Hotmail?

After some time using your email account, you will realice the amount of mails in your inbox makes an unnecessary waste of time find the one you are looking for. Can find the mail you are looking for in few seconds (without have to being checking page for page in the look of the important one for you) have a big importance for not to spend useful time and for have a best control of the mails you receive.

A good way of organize you mails in Hotmail is creating differents folders and redirecting your mails. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a new folder in Hotmail.


 Lets create a new folder:

Create a new folder is really much more simple than you think, and you will realize it in few seconds.

The first thing you have to do, is go to the page of Hotmail, and sign in with your account. Then you will follow the same steps you make for read an email.

Create a new folder in Hotmail

Create a new folder

In the picture you will can see the option New Folder, in the down part of the list that shows Inbox on the top. You just have to click on New Folder and it will appear, ready for you write the name of it. Making then right click you will have other options for modify it, like change its name, or you will can eliminate it too.

Now, the next time you receive a mail, after read it, make right click and select the option: Move to, will appear all your folders for you choice the correct one just making click in it. In this way, your mail will move to it, and the next time you need find it in fast way, you will can find it in few seconds only making click in the folder you chose.

Following this same way you can create so many folders as you need for keep your mails organized and for stop stressing and losing time each time you need follow a mail. Is a good way too for have a biggest control on the mails of the different folders, can checking, for example, all related to a particular person without have its mix with others. Create a new folder only will take one minute and will make you save much more time then.

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