Change the password of Hotmail

Sometimes is necessary to change the password of your account, because other person knows it, because you realize it’s not safe or just because you want it. If you want to change your password on your Hotmail account, follow the steps below.


  • Log in with your Hotmail account in the same way you do normally and go to your Inbox. Once there, click on Options and select “More options”. The More Options icon is located on the top of the screen to the right.


  • For the next step you have to go to “Manage your account”, click on “Account details”, among which the password is located. To the right of the Password icon is the icon “Change”, you just have to click on it.


  • You will see a page where you must enter your old password first, and then enter the new password that you chose. Have the precaution of that the password you choose is a secure password.


A good way to create a secure password is combining numbers and letters or capital letters with lowercase letters. The other good way for create a secure password is trying to avoid the use of phone numbers, names of family members or public data of you.


Change the password of Hotmail

Change the Password on Hotmail

Remember not to enter your account with your password on any site that requires it. Most of them will use it for spam or for hack your account, and you will can lose important information and contacts, so is better be careful with this.


There are other methods for change the password, but this is one of the more simple ones and that’s why is the one explained here.

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